Being and wanting


Why is it so difficult for us to just be, to be in the moment, to be content? Why do we always want or need something or someone?

If you think about it, most of what we have or do is working.

We wake up in the morning and most of what we expect should happen actually happens. Most things we have, do what they are supposed to do. Most of us have food in the fridge, a warm house, people who help us get on and be well. For us spoiled fortunate people of the (Western) world, over 90 percent of what we do and have is A-Okay.

Yet, we are not content. We fuss over the things that are not working. We long for something or someone we don’t have. We imagine how things could be different, better, bigger. This is where we put our energy. Not on the 90 percent but on the 10 percent. All of it. All of our energy goes there.

Humans have supposedly an infinite appetite for things. But why? Can that be true?

Imagine we turn the situation around and focus our energy on the 90 percent – on our fortunate situation. Instead of nagging and worrying over what is not so great, we focus on what is actually great. If we were to do that what would happen?

We might be happier. We might use less “useless stuff” and protect our environment better. We might appreciate one another more. We might realize that what we have needs to be preserved, protected. We might gain in compassion and get one step closer to peace.

Wishing you all a happy being in the moment.