This blog is about the human condition and how I see it, with a loving eye. I plan to post (seemingly random) thoughts on social and political issues of contemporary society, my take on education and parenting, and, to leave nothing out, my limited insights into international relations, global environmental and sustainability issues.
The themes span widely because people are just everywhere creating problems, finding solutions, are the target of hostility and interventions. I see all these issues related. Education is related to political awareness, parenting to sustainability, international relations to local communities.
My writing will be incomplete, thought provoking, I hope, critical and outraged at times. But it will not be cynical. I don’t claim to know it all, I will be wrong sometimes. In short, I will write about how I see the world – my point of view, or as I like to say in discussions, “Oh well, this is how I see it.” I invite you to be skeptical and join in on the conversation.
Elisabeth Lackner works in the field of higher education. She is pursuing a PhD in Sociology, has two beautiful and smart daughters, a busy husband, one cat, and one guinea pig. She is also the daughter to an old farmer couple, the sister to three brave men, the aunt to eight smart nieces and nephews, and a friend to some of the most amazing people. She was born and raised in Austria and moved to New York City in 2000, where she now lives, works, studies, and dreams.